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Bot Hong


Audio Engineer, Songwriter, Arranger




Yu Heng 宇恆, Stefanie Sun 孫燕姿, Serene Cheam 詹雪琳, Danny Wen 温力铭, Gary Yap 叶俊岑, Yise Loo 羅憶詩, and many others.


Founder of MO Sound Studio, Bot Hong has gained increasing popularity and followings in the music and audio industry, as a mixing and mastering engineer, producer, session musician, songwriter, and arranger. Over the decade, Bot Hong has produced and collaborated with many prominent artists in the region and beyond. Bot Hong uses the GECKO® REVELATION SR 606R 6.5" C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile loudspeakers, GECKO® EXODUS ATOM MXR 808A active C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile mixing console, GECKO® MAESTRO HRM 1881PRO C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile reference headphones, GECKO® SATELLITE SRM 2020 C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile condenser microphone, GECKO® AYERS ROCK DI 100P C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile DI box, GECKO® TRUTH T3AL and T2 audiophile-grade cables, and OLYMPIAN series audiophile-grade connectors.


“Before I got myself the GECKO® system, I was running my studio monitoring on a few sets of high-end reference loudspeakers and amplification systems. After comparing my mixes between the GECKO® system and my now-defunct “hi-end” loudspeakers system, I realized how much I was fooled into believing that it is a norm to spend a lot on several sets of “highly acclaimed” systems for monitoring. On those “hi-end” loudspeakers, my mixes always sounded good but sounded awful on other general loudspeakers systems (both the good and bad mix would sound equally good on those “hi-end” reference loudspeakers!). To fix the issue, I had to very often test-listen-edit my mixes and mastered tracks over and over on multiple sets of loudspeakers of different makes in different environments just to get them sound “about right” for release!

Now with the GECKO® C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile monitoring system, my work has become so much easier, what I hear is what I get, it is so precise! I do not have to go through those tedious and torturous process that I used to go through anymore. My work which took days to complete has been cut short to merely a couple of hours! No more misjudging caused by inaccuracy and unnecessary spectrum coloration!

The best part of the whole story - my first time experiencing the GECKO® REVELATION SR 606R 6.5” C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile loudspeakers was actually an outdoor experience, superb audio clarity over 120m!

You have to try it for yourself to believe, and I am sure you will not regret it!”

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